Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Perihelion has published another review I wrote for them

This has been up since the 12th but I've been busy. It is a review for James Gunn's Transcendental and is the review at the top. Enjoy and share:


Friday, December 6, 2013

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Another review up at Buzzy Mag

Buzzy mag has published another review I wrote for them. The first bit is below leading to a link. While you're there check out some of the great stuff they have for sale.

Writers are known for being obsessive compulsives; that is just a characteristic that comes with the territory. After reading Blood And Magick by James R. Tuck, I have to wonder if we are hitting the age of the books for people with attention deficit disorder. Are we going to start seeing multiple books where the action constantly jumps around?

Deacon Chalk, our occult bounty-hunting hero, is having a nice dinner with his friends when a trio of witches attacks the restaurant. Deacon and friends jump into action with bullets and bravado flying. We are beat over the head with the types of guns used and with all of the training and experience that Deacon has fighting. And we are shown that Deacon is a real man, oozing with machismo from every pore. The good guys prevail and the bad guys regroup for a bigger, badder attack...more