Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Another Review And A New Beginning

As some of you know, I was on staff as a reviewer for Withersin Magazine. I started in 2007 and worked hard for them up until their website/magazine went on hiatus last year. Before that I had a review published in a little magazine called Blood Rose (though they never credited me and I think they died when they published the issue I’m in).

I originally starting sending out reviews because I wanted greater exposure and I thought that I had something to say. I read anywhere between 50-100 books a year and generally I have quite a few thoughts about them. So when I was given the chance at Withersin to go to town I took it. After a few hundred reviews to my name they went on hiatus like many magazine tend to do, both small and large.

After some time I realized that I really enjoyed sharing my views on certain things, especially those that aren’t seen by the mainstream as much, and I missed writing reviews. With Withersin there was a certain formula I followed but if I wanted to get more stuff out there I’d have to start over from scratch. After a bit of searching I came up with a list of magazines looking for reviews and started to write them again and send them in.

At first nothing happened (there is a type of rejection where the publisher just doesn’t answer, people take this as a bad sign but in most cases they are just too busy and you didn’t land on the right mark with your piece). But then the rejection letters started coming in. They were hopeful and made me change my style rapidly. And then the acceptances started coming in.

The first published review I wrote is here on Perihelion Science Fiction, it is the second one down entitled “Hot Air In A Vacuum”:

Feel free to comment below and check out the magazine it is pretty cool.

I’ll post the others as they are published.

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