Thursday, September 5, 2013

A review is up at Buzzy Mag

I enjoyed reading this book and writing the review. The first bit is below leading to the link:

Take one part Moby-Dick, mix it with one part Kidnapped and one part Treasure Island, and sprinkle in just a bit of The Odyssey. Now blend these up nicely, dump them on a train, and try to push it under a PG-13 rating and you’ll have an idea of whatRailsea is like. MiĆ©ville knows the rules but throws them all to the wind in his latest work and somehow still manages to pull off an amazing novel. From using an odd vocabulary and slang, to the use of an ampersand (&) in place of the word “and” throughout the book, to the strange story of how the world changed, MiĆ©ville never comes right out and fully explains these things but makes the reader learn on the go. He also presents something to young adults that is not about wizards or something that seems like a bad knock-off of The Running Man with bows and arrows, or some weak tale about boring vampires that are anything but scary.

Our hero, Shamus Yes ap Soorap (Sham for short), is exceptional only in the sense that there is nothing exceptional about him. He is a bumbling, awkward doctor’s assistant on the train, Medes. He longs to be a salvor (one who finds and deals with salvage from crashed trains) but is held back by his own inhibition. Like most of us, he hesitates when opportunity knocks and ends up playing catch up to the real action...

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