Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Authority by Jeff VanderMeer Review up at Buzzy Mag

The good people over at Buzzy Mag have just published a review I wrote for them. It is a review for Jeff VanderMeer's new novel, Authority the second book of the southern reach trilogy. Check out the review and then check out the book. The first couple of paragraphs and a link are below:

Paranoia is something that touches all of us from time to time. Whether it is from all the lights turning red while you are running late for work, or all your co-workers ceasing to laugh as you enter the room several times throughout the day. Mostly it is just coincidence. But, every so often there really is something there, just under the surface. The question is: do we really want to reveal the source of our paranoia?

John Rodrigues, also known as Control, is the new director of the Southern Reach, after the previous director vanished into Area X. Southern Reach is a secret government program designed to monitor and explore Area X. It is the last place anyone wants to be stationed at, but Control has run out of options. Some strings are pulled and Control ends up in charge of people who want to see him fail and a project that is as dangerous as being on the front line. It was an unusual choice not to pick up from where the last novel left off but to turn the narrative on its head.

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