Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Bathing The Lion Review up at Buzzy Mag

The good people at Buzzy Mag have published another review I wrote for them. The review is for Jonathan Carroll's (one of my favorite authors) new novel, Bathing The Lion. The first two paragraphs are below followed by a link to the review. Check it out and feel free to share:

Good and evil, light and dark, protagonist and antagonist, this is a well worn and often used concept in writing. This concept is so often used we come to expect them in certain genres, the entire speculative genre falls under this umbrella along with westerns, mystery, and romance.  Often a brilliant, so they and some critics think, writer comes along to show us that the bad guy isn’t really bad and the good guy isn’t really good. That’s all fine. But what if we are given two opposing concepts and we can’t even fathom one of them?

We traipse through the lives of five very believable, but quite normal people in a quiet New England town in winter. Though they don’t know it, the five people all once shared a job more important than anything they do with their new lives. Time slips at some point some find that they are reliving previous moments while others stumble into a time long before they were born. Impossible things pop up but they slipped in the novel so subtly the reader doesn’t really notice. All five characters are pulled out onto a road in the middle of summer confronted by a talking chair and a giant red, watch-wearing elephant named Muba. (More...)

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