Thursday, January 15, 2015

Fear City review up at Buzzy Mag

The good people at Buzzy Mag have published another review I wrote for them. The review is for F. Paul Wilson's new book, Fear City (as of now, the last Repairman Jack novel). The first two paragraphs are below with a link to the review. Check it out and feel free to share:

Beloved characters may not be so beloved by their creators. Some authors grow to hate their creations, throwing them over waterfalls. Others just mine every possible avenue before running out of ideas. But the good ones give their creations wonderful send offs.

It’s 1993, Jack hasn’t taken up the mantle of Repairman just yet but he is laying the foundation. Jobs are coming up but they aren’t right for Jack. Even friend offers him a job tailing a young group of middle eastern men that he believes are up to no good in New York. Instead of practicing his trade of fixing things, Jack turns to rekindle an old flame, Cristin. The two set up a date and the ever-punctual Cristin misses it. Jack can’t stand being stood up but as he pushes into her life he finds more than he expected. Now the strands of the previous novels start to weave together as Jack realizes that the jobs he passed on might have something to do with Cristin missing. While Jack tries to find answers a group of young men, that are part of a new terror group called Al-Qaeda, are planning an attack in the city.

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