Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Acceptance Review up at Buzzy Mag

The good people at Buzzy Mag have published another review I wrote for them. The review is for Jeff VanderMeer's latest book, Acceptance. The first two paragraphs are below with a link to the review. Check it out and feel free to share:

We crave answers. Both the scientific and spiritual fields have dedicated a majority of time seeking out answers. As humans, we are hardwired to want evidence, to find out what the truth really is. At times we locate what we sought only to find the answers unsatisfying. Other times we find the answers only to beg the cosmos to unknow, unlearn what we find. Sometimes, the answers come crashing at us with horrifying revelation testing what we think of as truth.

It is wintertime in Area X, an area that has been identified as unlivable and even dangerous to the outside world, and the border is expanding. The Southern Reach was the last guard between Area X and the rest of the world. It now lays in tatters after Area X grew tired on its constant poking and prodding. The few survivors of the attack (an outsider that is losing what is left of his mind, one who was pulling the strings before they were all cut, and someone who came back from across the border that the other two can’t trust) go off in one final suicide mission to find the truth. Everything we’ve learned so far pales in comparison, as the final layers of the mystery are unraveled (more...)

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