Thursday, October 30, 2014

The Dark Defiles review up at Buzzy Mag

The good people at Buzzy Mag have published another review I wrote for them. The review is for Richard K. Morgan's new novel, The Dark Defiles the final book in the Land Fit for Heroes series. The first two paragraphs and a link are below the cover art. Check it out and feel free to share:

When we come to the end of anything, when we know that this is our last one, expectations go up and the pressure is on. With a book series the author has to tie up all loose ends and find a fitting goodbye to all of the characters they have given us over the years. While some authors handle this magnificently, others decide to try and cram a whole other book into the one they are writing.

Ringil Eskiath, our unstoppable warrior turned black mage, is at the end of the world looking for a mythical sword. The sword holds the soul of a dark king that the demons, the Aldrain, want to use to recapture the world as their own. Ringil finds that it was a ruse to separate him from his friends, Egar the Dragonbane and Archeth the immortal half Kiriath. Ringil has to find and face the Aldrain at their source along with their human coconspirators to rescue his friends. Along the way he has to fight to retain control of his growing dark powers as well as confront his family that rejected him because of his homosexuality. Meanwhile Egar and Archeth set out to find the truth behind the war that ended 5,000 years earlier and the massive weapons used to end it. If the Aldrain get their hands on the weapons, humanity doesn’t have a chance. The three of them look for answers, redemption, and the true measure of heroes. (more... )

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